Drainage Systems

AEI offers extensive experience in evaluation, design, regulatory compliance and long-term maintenance for a wide variety of drainage systems and their components.

Evaluation and Analysis. AEI offers expertise in the preliminary evaluation of proposed drainage systems as well as full and detailed analysis of existing drainage systems, including flood mitigation analysis. Providing our engineering know-how to residential and commercial developers, government agencies, and industrial facility owners, AEI provides system modeling, evaluations and recommendations for beneficial and cost-effective solutions to drainage maintenance and flood mitigation issues.

Engineering Solutions. AEI delivers significant experience in the design of drainage systems for residential developments, commercial sites and governmental entities, including storm sewer collection systems, detention and retention ponds, drainage channels and storm water pump stations. AEI also provides wetland mitigation assistance, flood plain management coordination, LOMR and CLOMR coordination and system compliance coordination with regulatory agencies.

Storm Water Quality. AEI provides a wealth of knowledge in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) design and coordination for construction projects and preparation and compliance coordination of Storm Water Quality Management Plans for municipal clients. Additionally, AEI oversees monthly evaluations of extensive drainage systems for many municipal clients, including oversight and coordination of detailed repair and maintenance programs.