Hike & Bike Trails

Many municipalities and government entities recognize and appreciate the importance of recreational facilities, most notably hike and bike trails. These relatively simple, yet effective, recreational amenities are cropping up all over the Houston area. Hike and bike trails provide a useful exercise and outdoor activity outlet that takes full advantage of the mild Houston weather while offering a cost-effective and popular transit alternative, linking neighborhoods, park facilities and major thoroughfares.

AEI Engineering provides extensive experience and knowledge to design hike and bike trails of various sizes, lengths and materials for municipal, governmental, and residential and commercial development clients. AEI’s hike and bike trail projects include features such as pedestrian bridges, lighting systems, benches, trail signage, slope stabilization, and safety railing. AEI’s designs include several widely used trail systems such as the trail connector system linking Collins Park with Meyer Park in northern Harris County.

AEI also offers expertise in evaluation of existing facilities, coordination of repairs and system maintenance programs, and ADA-compliant facility design. AEI has performed the preliminary planning of several large-scale, multi-entity trail system projects, including preliminary analyses, master planning, and agency coordination. AEI continues to provide engineering services and support for these worthy projects.