Wastewater Systems

AEI Engineering offers extensive experience and know-how in the comprehensive planning and design of all aspects of wastewater collection and treatment systems. Since its creation, AEI has specialized in wastewater system engineering, a field that remains at the core of the firm’s technical expertise as a municipal consultant.

Wastewater Collection Systems.  AEI’s extensive history and knowledge of wastewater collection systems includes the design of numerous new wastewater collection systems – for new residential and commercial developments and as extensions and improvements to existing systems. AEI provides detailed flow capacity evaluations, sizing calculations, route analyses, material selections, and appurtenance design for both gravity flow systems and pressurized systems that include lift stations and force mains.

Wastewater Treatment Plants.  AEI provides in-depth experience and proficiency to develop effective and economical designs of wastewater treatment facilities.  These include new plants as well as expansions and upgrades to existing facilities to provide additional capacity and improved performance. AEI makes use of current treatment technologies that are proven and cost-effective and works closely with clients and stakeholders throughout project planning and design  to achieve the most efficient and affordable design solutions.

Wastewater System Maintenance and Rehabilitation.  AEI delivers sound engineering solutions and technical guidance in the areas of overall system evaluation and long-term rehabilitation planning for existing collection systems, lift stations, and wastewater treatment plants. AEI has evaluated, designed and managed replacement, rehabilitation, upgrade and improvement projects for a wide range of wastewater system components, including treatment plant rehabilitation and expansion, lift station improvements, and both traditional and trenchless collection system rehabilitation.