Water Systems

AEI Engineering provides extensive experience and technical expertise to the comprehensive planning and design of all aspects of water supply and treatment systems. Since its creation, AEI has specialized in water system engineering projects.

Water Distribution.  The design of numerous water distribution piping systems - as part of new residential and commercial developments and as extensions and improvements to existing systems – demonstrates the significant experience offered by AEI. Professional water system engineering services that AEI provides include detailed flow capacity evaluations, sizing calculations, route analyses, material selections, and appurtenance designs.  AEI’s capabilities include thorough proficiency in the engineering and design of large-diameter water transmission lines, as evidenced by the successful completion of several regional surface water transmission line projects.

Water Supply and Treatment.  AEI delivers in-depth knowledge and experience in the design of water supply and treatment facilities, including new plants as well as expansions and upgrades to existing facilities to provide additional capacity and improved performance.  AEI makes use of current technologies that are proven and cost-effective and continuously works closely with clients and stakeholders throughout project planning and design to achieve the most efficient and affordable design solutions.  .AEI’s capabilities include ample experience in the evaluation and design of alternative water source disinfection systems.

Water System Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Improvement.  AEI offers broad proficiency in  comprehensive water plant component evaluation and long-term rehabilitation planning. AEI provides detailed facility evaluations, design, and management and oversight of replacement, rehabilitation, upgrade and improvement projects for a wide range of water system components, including storage tanks, pump systems, disinfection and chemical treatment systems, and water distribution and plant piping systems.